Our Courses



     Whether you are new to firearms, or you're an advanced shooter, we offer courses to help individuals become more aware and strategic thinking shooters. Our mission to to help educate our communities on firearms, and offer training to help foster safe and responsible mindsets, as well as expert marksmanship.

     Our concealed carry courses will teach self defense principles, state and federal laws pertaining to concealed carry, as well as basics of drawing from concealed, holster selection and more.


We currently offer the following courses. All of our courses are taught by our certified instructors.

First aid, CPR/AED, Severe bleeding

     In an emergency situation, seconds can be the difference between permanent disability, or a full recovery: life, or death. Part of our mission is to help our communities by offering courses that will help equip individuals with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to handle emergency situations.

     This especially applies if you plan on carrying a firearm, whether open carry or concealed carry, these life saving skills need to be part of your training.

     First responders do their best to arrive to an emergency as quickly as possible, but that is, on average, minutes away.


     We currently offer the following courses, and all of our courses are taught by our ARC certified instructors.

Integrated courses 


     Knowledge of how to protect and save a life is crucial in our society. Everyone should have Knowledge of firearms, but they should also be familiar with Severe bleeding emergencies and how to stop bleed out while waiting for emergency services to arrive. This is why GTI offers the following integrated courses.

Mental Health and Safety Seminars

Safety is an issue that is present no matter what you choose to do daily; whatever your career might be; where you decide to travel etc. How aware are you of potential dangers, or possible threats you might encounter? 

     What happens after an individual suffers a traumatizing experience? Is surviving the incident simply enough? How do we help our loved ones and communities develop awareness of critical mental health issues?

     These seminars are designed to educate, and create awareness on how individuals can be more vigilant in their daily safety for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. 

      We currently offer the following seminars- each seminar is 1 hour in length.

EDC essentials Grunge.jpg
Every Day Carry Essentials

     This class focuses on equipping individuals with some practical EDC knowledge and options for the following:


  • BUG out bag gear

  • Daily carry tools/items

  • Daily medical gear

  • Range gear